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Gift Voucher – Terms Of Contract





As a special gift for friends or relatives, it is possible to purchase a gift voucher (minimum value € 50,00) for one of our facilities


It can be required by filling in the form on the following link https://en.aparthoteladriatica.it/gift-voucher/ , or by sending us an e-mail to info@aparthoteladriatica.it asking us for information about how to issue a voucher and then receiving an e-mail with the necessary data.


Terms of use for issuing a gift voucher:


The beneficiary must be a natural person and must not at the same time be the applicant for the voucher


The voucher can be redeemed for a booking of at least 3 nights at the Aparthotel Adriatica or at Villa Anna


The gift voucher is valid for 24 months from the date of issue


It is possible to announce the occasion (Christmas, Easter, Birthday, Mother’s Day, etc.) of the purchase of the voucher, to give us the opportunity to customize the graphic and add a personal message to the person receiving the gift.


The voucher is issued upon receipt of the payment (by bank transfer or credit card) and sent by e-mail (to the applicant).




For the purchase of a gift voucher with a value of at least € 100,00 for a friend or relative, a bonus voucher of € 50,00 will be issued in the name of the applicant.


Terms of use for the issue of a discount voucher of € 50.00 for the purchase of a gift voucher:

  • The beneficiary is the person making the payment, who must not be a cohabitant (partner/spouse or children living together) of the recipient of the gift voucher.
  • The benefit voucher can be used only for a NEW booking of at least 3 nights during the following two summer seasons, from the date of the exhibition, at the Aparthotel Adriatica or at Villa Anna.
  • The benefit voucher cannot be used for bookings that were already in existence at the time of the gift voucher request
  • If, in the moment of using the benefit voucher, it turns out that the holder is also a cohabitant of the beneficiary of the gift voucher purchased in advance, the management reserves the right to withdraw the entitlement to the voucher.
  • The benefit voucher is not transferable to third parties
  • A benefit voucher will be issued for each voucher exceeding € 100.00 with different holders
  • The benefit voucher cannot be combined with other gift vouchers