Michelatsch Immobiliare S.r.l.

Arrival information



Where is the Aparthotel Adriatica located?

The Aparthotel Adriatica is located at Via Vicenza 31, precisely on the corner of Viale Miramare.



Where does check-in take place?

Check-in for both those staying at the Aparthotel and those staying at Villa Anna takes place at the reception desk of the Aparthotel Adriatica, also on Via Vicenza 31.



From what time is it possible to check in?

You can come to Reception to start the check in procedure from 8.00 a.m., opening time.

By presenting yourself at the desk, you can receive initial information and register your documents.


Do all members of the family/travel group have to present themselves at check-in?

No, it is sufficient (if not preferable) for one person to present themselves at the check in desk with the documents of all holiday participants (including small children and newborns).


Where can I park my car while waiting for a parking space to be allocated to me?

The reserved parking space is normally available from 10 a.m. onwards.

While waiting for my allocated parking space to become free, it is possible to park on the streets adjacent to the Aparthotel. However, this is a paid parking area (blue lines), so it will be necessary to pay the ticket from 9 a.m. onwards.


From what time can I leave my car in the reserved car park?

Parking spaces are available from 10 a.m. onwards.

When you go to Reception to complete the check-in procedure, you will be given all the information.


Parking spaces are allocated according to the type booked and availability on arrival. It is not possible to reserve a specific parking space.

The measurements of the parking lots and the space available for manoeuvring are standard and allow easy access for medium-sized cars. In case of parking difficulties for very long cars, SUVs, minibuses, camper vans, sports/rear cars or particularly tall cars (e.g. with roof boxes), the Management will not be obliged to find an alternative parking space.


All additional objects belonging to the Guest (e.g. bicycles, trailers, paddle boards, inflatables and similars) may be deposited only on the premises if they do not protrude from the boundary lines of the parking space allocated to them.

Otherwise, such objects must be removed.


The parking space assigned to all apartments WHITE is uncovered, in a plot of land located 50 metres from the structure on which there are maritime pines, part of the local flora, which cannot be removed.


We therefore recommend that you bring a car cover to protect your car.

Disposable car covers are available at the reception for a fee.


Where do I enter the car park from?

Depending on the accommodation booked, you will be assigned the corresponding car park. While waiting to find out which one it will be, you can temporarily park your car in the car parks on the street reserved for the Aparthotel (yellow lines), which are on Via Vicenza exactly opposite the Reception door, and on Viale Miramare almost in front of the entrance to our car park on the street level. The yellow parking slots are available for short stops of up to 15 minutes for loading/unloading luggage or to receive information on where to park.


From what time is it possible to enter the accommodation?

The handover of keys is scheduled from 4 p.m., for organisational reasons.

Check out is expected by 9.30 a.m., after which we need time to clean and sanitise the accommodation.

Many lodgings are ready around lunchtime, but unfortunately it is impossible to predict (and thus guarantee) what they will be.


If we arrive in the morning can we park and go to the beach?

If you arrive in Lignano in the morning we can provide parking (approximately after 10 a.m.) so that you can enjoy the day at the beach or in the pool area.

As soon as the flat is ready we can hand over the keys to you.


Is it possible to have breakfast on the day of arrival? If so, how much does it cost?

Sure! You can have breakfast on the day of your arrival and, if you have booked breakfast for the rest of your stay as well, or for all those staying in the rooms, the cost is that applied for the booked service for the entire period. 

All information on breakfast is available at the following link



*Please let us know in advance if you would like to have breakfast on the day of your arrival so that we can make better arrangements.


While waiting to enter the accommodation, is there a place to put my luggage or should I leave it in the car?

Luggage must be left in the car. Unfortunately, we do not have luggage storage.


While waiting to enter the accommodation, is it possible to change somewhere in the meantime?

Certainly, on the ninth floor, where you will find the swimming pool and Skybar, there is a bathroom available for Guests.



Before checking in/entering the accommodation is it possible to access the Skybar for a drink and/or something to eat?

Certainly, our Skybar is also open to the public. You can have a coffee or an aperitif or enjoy one of our cold dishes.



Does payment have to be made on arrival?

The balance must be paid on arrival in the following ways

- in cash (up to € 4,999.99),

- by cash card or credit card (only Visa and MasterCard circuits accepted). Please check if you may have a limit on your credit card if you want to use this payment method, especially since you are abroad and the limit there is often different than in the domestic market.


You can also pay the balance by bank transfer, which must be received prior to the arrival date. In the event that the bank transfer is not yet visible on our bank account at the time of departure, the Guest shall pay the balance by another means of payment.



Is there a deposit to be paid? How should it be paid?

As a guarantee of punctual compliance with all the rules of behaviour and maintenance and proper use of the flat, a deposit of € 200.00 (€ 1,000.00 in the case of groups of young people, or in special cases at the Management's discretion) will be requested upon handing over the keys, which must be paid in cash.

This deposit will be returned on the day of departure after checking the good condition of the flat.

The deposit must be paid in cash. Other methods of payment cannot be accepted.