Michelatsch Immobiliare S.r.l.

COVID 19 - useful information 2021


Dear guest,

in recent weeks, the situation relating to new cases of infection from Covid-19 has changed day by day; it is necessary to stay up to date and observe all precautionary measures to prevent and limit the spread of the virus.

Friuli Venezia Giulia has ALWAYS been able to wisely maintain a low profile of infections.

The Italian government, to cope with the emergency, has established the division of Italy into zones distinguished by colors:

read, orange, yellow and white

In the last month the region, without any exceptions, has always remained within the limits of infection rate that guarantees to keep the rules  of the yellow zone (medium-low risk).



In light of these data, we want to look forward to the upcoming summer season with hope and confidence.

The opening is scheduled around 20th  April.

According to our regulations, the cancellation of the reservation is in any case free of charge within 30 days before arrival (no money refund is foreseen but a voucher will be issued for the same amount of the deposit paid, to be used for another stay in one of the 2 accomodations offerde by Michelatsch Immobiliare during summer season 2021 or 2022)


Click here to read our cancellation policies.


In the event of a travel ban due to new restrictive measures introduced by the government, we will certainly review our conditions.


The Government periodically updates directives and potential restrictions.

At the moment it is still too early to speculate what the situation will be in summer months and what changes could be made to our regulations.

In base all’evolversi della situazione ed alle nuove direttive che verranno emanate provvederemo a modificare le nostre condizioni, anche estendendo i termini di cancellazione qualora si rendesse necessario.

Depending to to the evolution of the situation and the new directives that could be issued, we will amend our conditions, including by extending the cancellation terms if necessary.


FAQ - frequent asked questions


Can I book my next holiday?

Of course, by phone 0039 0431 194 53 06 or by e-mail  info@aparthoteladriatica.it  or directly on our website.

You can book quietly, if necessary at a later time you can still decide to vary the dates of the booking.


Can I postpone my holiday while keeping the deposit paid and without additional charges?

Absolutely yes, you can move the dates of your stay at any time, up to 30* days before arrival.


How long can I cancel my holiday without losing the deposit?

You can cancel for free up to 30* days before arrival! You will receive a voucher of the 100% of the deposit paid.


Are the rooms and apartments sanitized and safe?

For the 2020 season, in relation to the recent situation caused by COVID19, we have all defined specific protocols for the sanitization of environments, in accordance with the ministerial directives, the ordinances of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and those even more specific to our Trade Associations, Federalberghi and Confcommercio. We will do the same during the summer season 2021.

Michelatsch Immobiliare Srl, administrator of the Aparthotel Adriatica and Villa Anna, has chosen to rely on professionals to sanitise them and continue with the use of high-level products from the VIRKON-line.

You'll also find disinfectant dispensers in each area of the property and directions that help you to respect the space in the common areas.

Laundry and towels are also washed and disinfected according to current regulations.

For any need you can always ask to the reception.


Can we go to the beach?

During the summer season 2020, the bathing establishments were equipped to guarantee the necessary safety vestments. We are awaiting the new provisions for 2021.

Umbrella reservations are already open, for more information you can visit the website https://lignanosabbiadoro.it/it/spiaggia/


Will there be breakfastservice?

Of course, complying with safety regulations.


How will the breakfast buffet work?

Following the safety distance regulations, the breakfast buffet will be rethought to make you always find the usual specialties.

Will the distance between the tables be maintained in the breakfast room and the bar

Of course, you can sit comfortably at your table with your family, in the peace of mind that our staff has thought of everything for your own safety.


Can we use the pool?

During the summer season 2020 the pool was usable, always complying with the regulations in this regard and therefore respecting a certain number of square meters per person. We are awaiting the new provisions for 2021.


And outside our facility:

For the moment, the use of masks remains mandatory in all closed places and also outdoors in those places where it is not possible to respect the distance (crowded streets, square, external appliances of the premises, etc.)


However, we advise you to always consult the official information regarding the current provisions on the subject.


At the restaurant and bar you can sit (without a mask) with your family and friends, following the instructions of the restaurant staff regarding the maximum number of people for each table.


You will always find the sanitizing gel available at the entrance of each venue / shop / business.


* This term will eventually be re-evaluated based on the evolution of the situation.